Van rental Atlanta

Atlanta is a major city in the state of Georgia with a metropolitan population of around 3.5 million people and is also a very popular tourist spot. The automobile is the main mode of transport for Atlantans and traffic is typically heavy. For this reason, Atlanta is sometimes referred to as the “LA of the South.” Like any other major city, there are plenty of reasons to hire a van in Atlanta.

One thing about Atlanta is that the city’s population density is high. As a result, many inner city residents do not own cars. Owning a car just isn’t practical for daily activities when the public transport system caters so well for people. Of course, public transport is essentially useless when you need to move home or purchase a piece of furniture at a yard sale. All manner of vans are available in Atlanta from 10 seater passenger vans and cargo vans to motor homes and wheelchair accessible vans.

There are many places from which to rent a van and a simple Google search for “Atlanta van hire” returns dozens of results. This is the most effective way of sourcing van hire companies and getting quotes from the three or four places nearest to you is a good way to go. Check their websites but don’t hesitate to call them at any time to ask any questions you may have.

If you have trouble finding a van rental place near you then you can safely head to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport as all the major companies have operations nearby.

An important consideration when hiring a van in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia is the climate. Georgia’s subtropical climate brings on very hot and humid summer conditions and chilly winter weather so it is a essential that a rented van has working climate control.

When renting a van make sure to check how much included mileage you will receive. You may be paying for more miles than you will need. This is because once you go over your included mileage allowance you begin to pay for every mile you travel. If you are travelling a long distance this can get expensive quickly. Whatever your vehicle needs are, renting a van in Atlanta is an easy solution.

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