Rent Passenger Van

Sometimes when you are travelling you will have too many people to fit into one car. One of the best options in this circumstance is to rent a passenger van.

Passenger vans are simply vans that carry a large amount of people. They come in a variety of sizes. They begin with minivans, which seat around 7-8 people, and you can get vans as large as 15 seats.

You need to be over 21, and usually over 25, to drive a passenger van rental. This is because of the high level of crashes amongst those under the age of 25. Because a lot of rental companies provide their own insurance they choose not to lease to those under the age of 25 because of the risk.

You can quite easily find a rental dealership that offers passenger vans. By using the internet you can find multiple rental companies and get multiple quotes within just a couple of minutes. I recommend getting at least 3 quotes from three different companies so you can compare prices and choose the one with the best deal. It is amazing how much money you can save by doing a simple comparison of a few difference rental companies.

One of the best ways to get a great deal when hiring a rental van is to look for mid-week deals. The weekend is generally the most popular time for rentals so some companies will offer rates that are well below average during the week in order to gain customers. You should take advantage of these special discounts by hiring your passenger van during the week.

When going out to parties or events a passenger van can be a great alternative. It means that only one person needs to drive and it is much easier to park one car than to park 3. You can also save a lot of money on parking, as you will only have to pay for one vehicle.

Another great thing about passenger vans is that you do not require a specific license like you do to drive a truck or a minibus. You can use your regular car license and this makes things so much easier. A passenger van drives just like a car and should be both fun and practical to drive.

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