One Way Van Rentals

When hiring a van to travel a long distance it can often be a good idea to choose to hire your van one way. One-way rentals are a simple solution to your long distance rental needs. All you do is pick up your van from where you will begin your journey, and then at the end of your journey you will drop the van off to your rental company closest to the destination you are finishing at.

Large rental companies offer this service as they have rental stations located in almost every major city in the country (and often a few stations per city in popular areas). Smaller rental companies such as family owned ones generally do not offer this service, as they will have fewer places where you can drop off your van once you have reached your destination.

One-way rentals sometime can incur an extra fee, but more often than not this fee will be much cheaper than attempting to drive the van all the way back to the original pickup location.

If you are travelling interstate one way in your van rental then make sure you check how much free mileage is available to you. When hiring a van you will be given a certain amount of free mileage per day and once you exceed that limit you pay excess for each extra mile you travel. So if you are going to be travelling a large distance then opt for a van with a large amount of free mileage.

Driving a van is a lot easier than driving a truck and this is why they are quite popular as a rental option. Firstly they are easier to load than trucks as they are much lower, and secondly vans drive just like a car.

You can also get rental vans that can carry up to 15 people. So if you need to take a whole group of people somewhere then you can hire a one-way people mover van. Depending on the amount of people will depend what size you will need. The smaller minivans carry 7-8 people and the largest vans up to 15 people.

So whenever you need to hire a van you might want to consider one way hire as it could be a cheaper and less time consuming option.

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