One Way Rental Van

If you are considering hiring a rental van to haul large items from one place to another then it could be a good idea to hire a one-way rental van.

One-way rental vans are great because you can pick up the van near to the place where you are loading it and once you have unloaded you do not need to take it back to the original pickup location. Instead you can simply drop your van off to the closest rental station for the specific company you are hiring from.

One-way rentals will be cheaper when you use a large rental company, as opposed to using a smaller rental company. This is because large rental companies will have rental stations located all across the country. This means that wherever you go there is likely to be somewhere close by where you can drop off the van you have hired. With smaller rental companies, such as family owned ones, they often only have one location and they do not offer one way hire (or offer it for a large price).

Often, an extra fee will be charged for using one-way van hire. However, this can be a lot cheaper (and a lot less time consuming) than paying for petrol to drive the van all the way back and then to find transport back to where you want to go. After all, who wants to drive the van all the way back when it is quicker to take it to another, closer, rental station.

When hiring a van to drive one-way make sure that you have a close look at the amount of free mileage you have. Generally, with rental cars and vans, you will have a certain amount of free mileage per day. If you go over that then you start paying a fee per mile you travel and this can become quite expensive. If you need to travel a long distance then it can sometimes be a good idea to opt of a van, which has extra free mileage as though this might be more expensive up front it can save you a lot of money.

It is likely that it will not be too often that you will need to hire a van and only take it one direction, but if you ever do need to it is handy to know that they are not hard to source.

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