Conversion Van Rentals

A conversion van is typically a cargo van that has been outfitted to serve a particular purpose. Some conversion vans are equipped with items that make camping a breeze. Other conversion vans are fitted out for comfort and entertainment and some are even converted to allow easy wheelchair access. Having a conversion van can make road trips, family holiday and everyday life easier, but many people have no need of a conversion van year round. Thus it is now possible to hire a conversion van from car rental companies and vehicle companies that specialize in specific vehicles.

Renting a Conversion Van
Renting a conversion van will require considerable research. These vehicles are not available through every rental company and you may need to ring around to find a company that can meet your needs. Online sites are another great place to search as many businesses have their own websites that can provide you with the information you are looking for. Due to the limited amount of conversion vans available there may be specific stipulations on how long you are able to rent the vehicle and where the vehicle needs to be picked up from and delivered to. Renting a conversion van is similar to renting a car in that the company will require credit card details and personal identification. Be aware that you may be required to have a special license to drive a conversion van as they are larger than a conventional van. A reservation in advance is usually also required for rental as car companies have limited amounts of these types of vehicle.

Benefits of Renting a Conversion Van
Conversion vans generally come in a variety of sizes and can carry anywhere from 7 to 15 passengers. All are fitted out to provide maximum comfort and entertainment with plush, usually leather, seats and entertainment equipment such as TV’s, DVD players and gaming consoles. Conversion vans are usually equipped with individually controlled volume settings and temperature controls. Many conversion vans are high tops to allow for more room for passengers. Most also have fold down seats or deflatable seats so that you can have extra luggage room. These same fold down seats can be converted into a bed for night time stop over’s. A conversion van is a great choice as they are more compact and economical than large motor homes. They generally have great visibility and drive similar to a SUV or minivan.

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