12 Passenger Rental Vans

If you require to be able to take a lot of people in one vehicle then a 12 seater passenger van could be a great thing for you to rent. When you are going to a function or event and have too many people for one car a passenger van that can seat multiple people is a great idea.

It is also a great idea for kid’s parties. You can invite all of your children’s friends and take them all in a rental passenger van to the zoo, or to some other outing.

Depending on how many people you require to take will depend on the kind of van you need. If you only need to take 7-8 people then a smaller minivan will be the best for you, however if you need to take a larger amount of people then a larger van which can seat around 12 people (sometimes even up to 15 people) will be best for you.

You do not need to have a special license to drive a 12-seater passenger van, all you need is your regular car license. If you decide, however, that you wish to rent a minibus then you will most likely need a minibus license.

You can find some great deals on 12 seater passenger vans just by getting a few quotes from different rental companies. I suggest getting a minimum of 3 different quotes to compare prices and to find the best deal.

A simple search on the major search engines such as Google or Yahoo should yield some great results, or you should have a look at your local yellow pages directory either in your phone book or online.

In order to find the best deals keep your eyes peeled for the mid-week specials some rental companies provide. Because vans are most popular on the weekends some companies offer mid-week specials in order to attract more customers. Similar to how the movies offer cheap prices on Tuesdays. You can save up to 50% on your rental fee just by renting during the week instead of on a weekend.

So if you ever need to travel with multiple people and they will not all fit in one car (or even 2 cars) then consider hiring a passenger van, which is able to seat at least 12 people.

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