10 Passenger van rental

One typical size rental van that companies offer is the 10 seater passenger van. This type of vehicle is great for many occasions that involve small groups of people. Most times on a group outing, it is sensible that the group stays together to ensure no one gets lost along the way and so only one vehicle and driver is needed.

Making sure that guests don’t drink and drive home from a social function is an important consideration and hiring a 10 passenger van is an excellent way to do this. 10 passenger vans make the trip to and from an event just as fun as the event itself. Because passengers do not need to worry about driving home, the trip becomes a laugh and sing along with old time favourites such as “99 Bottles of Beer” and “You are my Sunshine” frequently being heard.

Hiring a 10 passenger van is an easy task and there are only a few requirements. In most cases, you need to be over 21, and usually over 25, before a company will rent out a van to you. This is because hire companies see people under the age of 25 as a risk. A car license is another essential requirement and, in many cases, a credit card is also needed.

Most cities have a multiple van rental dealerships and they are all online. Finding them is only one Google or Yahoo! search away. They can also be found in your local phone directory under Hire Vehicles or similar. It is advisable to get quotes from a few rental companies but don’t forget to consider the location of the dealership. The cheapest price might be across town but the extra fuel you will need in order to get there to pick up and return the van might make it more expensive. Often the closest van rental place is the best.

As always, only rent from major rental dealers or local places that are well known to be trustworthy and compare all the associated costs. It is very important to know details such as the time the van must be returned and if it must be fully fuelled up.

Overall, hiring a 10-seater passenger van is a good, cost effective idea when transporting medium sized groups of people.

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